Pay GSHA Fees

GSHA Members:

The 2024 fee is $800
Stickers for the beach flag and parking tags will be mailed in the spring.
To see the GSHA Billing Policy click here.

Mail Check Option

Gowdy Shores Homeowners Association
P. O. Box 286
Union Pier, MI 49129

Online Payment Option 

        Zego/Pay Processing Fees  You will be charged:
          ACH (bank account and routing number) = $2.95 flat fee 
          Credit Card = 3.5% plus $2.95

 Instructions for ZEGO/Pay Lease: 

  • Go to this website: 
  • Create a “Homeowner” Account
  • Search for your property: “Gowdy Shores HOA”.  Make sure you see Harbor Cove Management listed underneath as the managing agent.
  • Where you see Unit # is where you put your Gowdy Shores address.
  • You won’t see a balance or a statement of your account through PayLease as it is only used as an online payment system.  If you want to see what you owe, contact Harbor Cove for a copy of your invoice or statement. 
  • You can select “One Time Payment” and simply add the amount you wish to pay then choose which payment method is best for you.